Brunch at Strobrie | Abuja

Quick stop at strobrie the other day for some feel good food after a long week. Ever since I knew about the savoury menu, I had been patiently waiting to be back and try some for myself.


First thing I had was the Berry Iced Tea N1000, which I really liked. It tasted like zobo to me at first, 😅 but the more I sipped, the more it tasted like red berry fruits.


I then had an Almond Croissant N950, which was something I had never tried. The most I’ve explored with croissants are the ones filled with chocolate, love me some regular butter croissant 🤩.

This one was served warm, topped with almond cream and some almond shavings. I liked that it wasn’t too sweet and the almond shavings added some crunch to it.


Next was the Chicken Mayo Sandwich N2200. I was stunned when I saw how huge this was. 😅. I could barely eat half in one seating which annoyed me cause it tasted so good I wanted to down it all.


The best part of it for me was the bread, and the chicken filling which was juicy, packed with flavour and super tender. This photo shows a visual representation of that 🤤. Fries were crispy and seasoned nicely.


Lastly, Joanne got me to try the Passion Fruit Lemonade N1500 which was definitely the highlight of my brunch. Made me realise how I had missed passion fruit infused drinks. Go get this for yourself and thank me later. ✨


What’s your favourite thing to get at Strobrie?…






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