Wells Cafe x Bakehouse | Abuja

📍2, Gado Nasko St, Asokoro.

Having online classes at home is still the one thing I despise most about this pandemic (aside constantly wearing masks and hearing news of daily deaths globally).

However, one thing I’m glad about being home in Abuja is that I still have access to cafes and co-working spaces since we’re not on lockdown.

So, to have a change of environment and mainly to escape from my 9yo hyperactive siblings, I was at Wells Cafe x Bakehouse the other day for a study session.


It was somewhere I saved specifically for that because I get to have snacks and drinks while I listen to my professors share wisdom on MS Teams and hopefully not sleep off 💀.



The ambience was quite nice as I’m sucker for greenery and rooftops. The cafe has two floors, food at the ground floor and the seating area on the first.

I liked that there were a lot of options on display and you can choose right there and then. Upstairs, it was too hot to sit outside so I stayed indoors.


For food, I ordered a Chapman N3000 and a Chicken Sandwich N2500 which comes with fries. Chapman was good, but the sandwich, not so much.


I thought the breads texture was tougher than the usual and the chicken filling was a bit dry, even though the flavour was spot on. Some moisture in there would’ve compensated for the bread I think, almost like eating a juicy baguette sandwich.

Still willing to try other items though like the desserts and snacks like meat pies next time.


The service at the cafe was quite good, my server was quite polite and helpful.

I liked my experience there as it was away from the usual hustle and bustle sounds of areas like Wuse 2 or Maitama.

It’s located in the residential area of Asokoro. Luckily I was the only one there at the time which made it even much better.

Have you visited the cafe yet? What would you suggest I try on my next visit? 🤩😁