Plates & Palettes | Feb ‘21

So I officially started something I’ve been wanting to for the longest time! 🥳✨


I announced I was having my first ever social event ‘Plates & Palettes’ on the 17th of February. You should know that prior to this, I did a lot of back and forth because I was quite anxious about putting my work out there.

But I remembered how long I had planned and prepped for it. That paired with the encouragement and support I got from friends x family, I knew I wasn’t going to let my anxiety get the better of me. Read about the initiative my clicking this link.

The event took place on the 27th and 28th of February and it was an amazing 2 days! I sold out, everyone showed up and we had an amazing time! My favourite part of it all was I got to meet new people in a fun and exciting way. I made new friends and they made new friends with each other too. I was happy to see that.

Theme for the painting session was for each person to paint something that explained the way they felt about our country Nigeria at the moment.

Everyone painted so nicely and had such beautiful stories to tell about their plates.

For example, I painted this abstract piece to represent how broken up Nigeria currently is as a whole, but we equally are a beautiful country as a whole.

Food was brought at intervals which was a really fun one for everyone. They got to try new palettes after a few minutes of paintings. Eventually they began to comment on how full they were, but I just kept instructing for more food 😅. I’m like y’all must be in food comas first!


Was also happy that my shirts were appreciated enough to be purchased. I would like to use this to thank everyone who got one! It’s a beautiful thing to see people wearing your artwork. Shirts are still available, please send and email for enquiries.


All in all it was a great weekend with pure vibes, great music (got bare comments on my playlist 😌), and even greater food! Watch the full video on the instagram handles below.


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Special thanks goes to;

Everyone who signed up AND showed up.

@strobrie – Food x Location

@demis_krafts – Handheld props

@titisspace – Menus x Welcome Stand

@silklikeco – TShirts

Hafsy’s Fashion House – Aprons