Cafè Flour | Abuja

📍Cappador Mall, Opp. Yoruba Mosque, Maitama

Saturday Brunch the other day, and where better to go than Cafe Flour? Woke up with the greatest cravings and I just wanted a mix of sweet and savoury breakfast treats.


Lotus Pancakes (Half Stack) 🥞 – N1800

I’ve slept on these for waay too long. Fluffiest pancakes I’ve ever had in the city. Loved the crunch the biscoff biscuits gave and the lotus spread just sealed the deal.


I also paired it with some pieces of the chicken strips which took it to another level. Not sure how people finish a full stack cause I could barely down the half I got.


Flours Crispy Waffles 🧇 – N3700

These were equally great! Loved that the chicken was spiced/seasoned properly and it wasn’t just bland. Texture of both waffle and chicken were good too.


Greasy Grove Sandwich 🥪 – N2300

Cause I’m a glutton, my savoury option was the greasy grove. Any cheese and bread combination bangs 90% of the time. Enjoyed this while it was still hot cause the cheese was melty and nice. Failed to get that in the video though cause I let it cool💀.


Virgin Mojito 🧉- N1500

Not the best I’ve had, but it did the trick.

Iced Tea Peach 🍹 – N1500

This was sweeter than I imagined, and it just might be my new go to.

What’s your favourite thing to get from the cafe? ☺️🎊


Virgin Mojito- N1500

Iced Tea Peach – N1500

Flours Crispy Waffles – N3700

Lotus Pancakes (Half Stack) – N1800

Greasy Grove Sandwich – N2300






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