Newtons Restaurant and Bar | Abuja

📍 27a, Pope John Paul St, off Gana St, Maitama.

This is quite an entry for the #AbujaSeries. Making plans for Friday evening and Maryam suggested we go somewhere ‘picturesque’, and Newtons Restaurant & Bar came up.


After seeing See Abuja’s (@seeabuja) posts on the ambience and food, I knew this would be a classic case case of ‘vibes quality’ over ‘food quality’. But sis really wanted those photos so we weenttt!


Newtons has indoor and outdoor dining options, and we chose to sit outside.

Inside was simple and spacious, with a lot of orange! Once you come in, you’re welcomed by a beautiful art piece and to it’s right is the main restaurant space with beautiful light fittings and nicely crafted furniture.

Outside was breezy and the overhead flowers and artificial grass made me feel like I was in an actual garden, which was refreshing both mentally and visually. I mean you can see from the photos why Maryam wanted us to come here 😅.



Food was quite disappointing. Virgin Pina Colada tasted like a mixture of powdered milk and ice cubes thrown in a blender, while the burger tasted really really off. I thought the menu was a bit odd and the price range was interesting.


Newtons Ultimate Beef Burger – N4000

Unfortunately, this fell into my ‘not so good’ category for burgers in the city. The patty was too minced and it didn’t taste fresh + there was no seasoning to it + it wasn’t served hot, just the fries were.


I could barely finish one half as it just wasn’t pleasant in the mouth. Also didn’t realise the patties would be that thick, I felt one was enough, cause the beef to bread ratio wasn’t it.


Chinese Fried Rice N2000 x Korean Fried Chicken Wings N3000

This wasn’t entirely a bad plate. The chinese fried rice wasn’t so ‘chinese’ if you ask me, but more like reg fried rice with scrambled egg in it.

The wings were quite good. Well seasoned, juicy and covered in a rich sweet sauce. It was missing the blue cheese dressing though.

Virgin Pina Colada – N3000

Genuinely thought it was a milkshake at first but I remembered it was a colada. There was literally no hint of pineapple OR coconut in there.


Instead there was an overwhelming taste of milk in the glass. It tasted close to what a watered down milkshake would taste like.


Service was okay as food came in a timely fashion, only not to meet expectations. But we expressed our disappointment to who I assume was the manager or some form of supervisor and she took our feedback well. I really do hope they improve on that ‘pina colada’ cause wew.


Order the Virgin Passion Fruit Mojito, it was sent from heaven!



Virgin Pina Colada – N3000

Virgin Passion Fruit Mojito – N3000

Newtons Ultimate Beef Burger – N4000

Chinese Fried Rice – N2000

Korean Fried Chicken Wings – N3000

Have you eaten at Newtons? Was your experience better than mine?