The Council | Abuja

📍 British Council, Plot 3645, Ibrahim Babangida Way, Maitama.

Back from my mini hiatus. Uni had taken over as well as Plates & Palettes 2nd event last weekend. I managed to visit a few places in between though, to unwind from the stress, but I’m choosing to start with The Council cause this was an interesting visit.

So Joanne and I had planned to have a chilled evening having late lunch relaxing and catching up. We had The Council in mind, and so we wennntt!


First off, the stairs. The. Stairs. Let’s just say it took me a minute to get inside, but once I did, all that climbing was worth it.

I loved that there were different colours present in the space, but it still managed to maintain a dark and elegant theme. There was a suspended area reserved for VIPs appaz. I liked how cozy and intimate it was, and the view looking down was quite nice.

I would say my favourite spot would be the area with the yellow sofas. Loved the trees behind it, almost like you’re sitting high up in one.


Overpriced! That’s first. But I liked the range they offered, from breakfast meals to pizza and some Nigerian specials.

Seafood Pasta – N9000

I’m always grateful that seafood exists, and I love that there’s variety with it and The Council made sure to remind me how much I love variety using this beautiful plate of Pasta.

There was a generous amount of seafood (fish chunks, shrimps, prawns, calamari) in this dish which added more flavour to the cream sauce. The sauce itself was seasoned nicely. It was light, but coated the pasta beautifully.

Grilled Prawn Salad – N7000

This is one of the most underwhelming bowls of salad I have come across. It was basically a few pieces of tomato, bell pepper and carrot slices served on a bed of lettuce.

The dressing wasn’t served until we asked for it, only to find out it was a mix of ketchup and mayo. Im still stunned, cause the menu read ‘lemon chilli dressing’. Main thing was price did not match the quality served.

We talked to the waiter and the manager (I think) and expressed our disappointment with the salad. We mentioned that adding some other elements like corn or avocados could go a long way and the choice of dressing could be better.

The plate was taken away and we were expecting some improvements, only to see that a few pieces of corn were added to the same bowl of pasta when it returned. 💀 Long story short, this might not be the best choice for you if you really like hearty salads.


Service was decent. We had an issue with one of the meals and we got to express that. However, the ‘solution’ was quite disappointing and we felt they’d have handled it a bit better.


Mentally prepare for those stairs, but most importantly, avoid the grilled prawn salad.


Seafood Pasta – N9000

Grilled Prawn Salad – N7000

Tutti Fruity – N3500

The Council Special – N4000






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