WFL | Abuja

📍The Capital Hub, 272 Ahmadu Bello Way, Mabushi.

Finally! A long awaited and overdue post about WFL💃. Ever since my first visit a few weeks ago, where I posted the ‘ChickenCone’ on my story, I’ve been asked “what did I think of it?”.

It seemed people were curious to know how chicken served in a waffle cone would go together? I guess cause we’re used to seeing ice cream, a sweet treat in a cone, as opposed to fried chicken, a savoury treat.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it works absolutely well together and it might just be my new favourite thing. A few people have mentioned that it’s not for them, while others felt the way I did. I might be biased because, one of my favourite breakfast meals are chicken and waffles. So to think that I can have this same meal, but in a creative and ‘portable’ way, yes please!

If you’re up to date with the blog, you’d know that I collaborated with WFL for a Plates and Palettes event 2 weeks ago.

It was a great 2 days and we definitely had some ‘tasting’ moments along the way. Here’s a list of them;


Like I said earlier, I like the combination of chicken and waffles, but with this ‘ChickenCone (small) – N1400’ , I particularly like that it’s a savoury sauce and not syrup, which is the usual pairing.

ChickCone – N1400

The house sauce, a sriracha, ketchup and mayo mix is my preferred pick as the cone flavour, as it has a bit of spicy-ness to it. The BBQ wasn’t the best when I tried it and the plain is quite nice too. I wouldn’t mind trying the plain with some syrup next time.

I liked that there was an alternative savoury option to the cone, which was the ‘ChickDog Sandwich (single) – N1600’ . Bread was soft, chicken was moist x well seasoned. Thinking now, the hungry girl in me wishes they were bigger in size.

The waffles made a debut at the event and it was good to see people enjoying it. At the time we only served them with syrup, nutella, and caramel sauce. But yesterday I got to try the pretty ones with the fancy names ☺️.

I liked the ‘Cookies & Cream’, the most. Anything oreos and ice cream, I’m there. The oreos added a crunch to the bite of the soft waffle and cream. I liked the ‘Ice Dream’ waffle next cause the simple things are usually best, its ice cream and whipped cream . ‘Banana Ana’ was my least favourite cause banana is not a typical topping choice for me. All flavours are N2000

Banana Ana

There’s also a selection of drinks all at N500. The ‘Ginger Lemon’ drink was my top pick at first. It was refreshing with a hint of spice from the ginger. But now, it’s slowly being replaced by the ‘Lemon Mint’. I’m honestly just in it for the mint 😅. The ‘Zobo’ was the super sweet kind, which I like. I’m yet to try the ‘Tamarind’ flavour.

Lemon Ginger Drink – N500

Yes you may have noticed that I tasted everything on the menu.

What’s your favourite thing to get from WFL?

ChickenCone (small) – N1400

ChickDog Sandwich (single) – N1600

Banana Ana – N2000

Cookies & Cream – N2000

Ice Dream – N2000

Ginger Lemon – N500

Lemon Mint – N500

Zobo – N500

Tamarind – N500