Boozy Breakfast 2.0 | Abuja

📍 54, Aguiyi Ironsi St. Beside National Boundary Commision. Maitama.

A few sundays back at Boozy Breakfast🥂🥞

Easily one of my favourite places to go if I want a vibe-full start to my day. Fill your stomach up with food and go do some fun activity afterwards. (in this case however, I went straight back to bed 💀).

Last time I visited, it was at a different location which I really liked, but I love this one more. Mainly cause its in a garden, so you’re surrounded by a lot of green!

A new item was added to the menu, ‘The HangoverN5000, which is spicy noodles served with a sunny side up egg, suya, and sausages, which was the main reason for the visit.


I mean yes you’re basically paying N5k to eat indomie, as my friends yabbed me about 💀, but I felt it was worth it. Comes with either a mimosa or orange juice btw.


The noodles were as hot as expected which I liked, had to take intervals 😂. Could definitely cure a hangover. Suya was a bit tough but it and the sausages were spiced nicely. Generally just wished I had more of everything on the plate.


Also, Boozy Breakfast now opens on Saturdays too with a new menu. So yesss we finally get to choose what day suits best! 🥳