Mambaah Cafe | Abuja

📍 Maitama Amusement Park (front entrance), Ibrahim Babangida Blvd, Maitama.

The other day at Mambaah Cafè!!!

It felt super good to be back exploring the city and eating my way through life like I used to again. Even after finishing uni, I’ve taken up a few more stuff like fashion design classes so I’m back to not having as much free time. But when Jacqueline suggested we go here, I didn’t even think twice.


This turned out to be one of my favourite days, cause the ambience was super serene and my eyes were well fed with all the little aesthetic details. I also had the best company and the food was quite good.


You already know how I feel about being surrounded by green. This was the most absolute best place to be. It was airy, cool and just outright relaxing. The weather began to switch up a little and eventually rain began to fall, which made it even better!

I also liked the presence of locally crafted items from the chairs to the light shades and the table covers. Made you feel at one with nature.


Ngl, I was a bit skeptical about the food, cause of the photos I had seen on the IG page.

Presentation was lacking, but I chose to give them benefit of the doubt which was to MY benefit actually. Another thing was that the prices were super affordable.


There were a lot of traditional options on the menu so I opted to try some of those for a change.

Zobo – N1000 (x2)

First was the zobo, which they absolutely smashed! It was the right amount of sweet and I was glad it was served iced out. Amazing. Super recommend.


Yam Balls – N1500

Huge lover of yam balls here. I would say they get an A+ on the taste but the texture, not so much. It was too mushy and kept falling apart while I tried to eat it.

Peppered Gizzard – N2500

Still on the hunt for a mind blowing peppered gizzard dish in this city. These were just okay. Gizzard was quite tough, but the sauce was good.


Yam and Egg Sauce

Jacqueline ordered this and she seemed to have enjoyed it. I particularly liked the egg sauce, but it needed more heat in our opinions.


Grilled Quarter Chicken – N2250

Quite the basic grilled chicken, but the pepper sauce it came with added some ginger to it. I’d actually recommend. I paired it with some grilled potatoes.


Grilled Potatoes – N500

These were done pretty nicely. Wished they had a garlic option though. Would’ve been sooo great.



Service was decent. Our waitress was nice and attentive. Food was delivered in a timely fashion too despite the wee electricity glitch we had due to the rain.


Go with friends. You’ll enjoy this space so much more. I mean it could still serve intimate meetings, just that I feel the spaces are too big to have much privacy.



Zobo – N1000 (x2)

Yam Balls – N1500

Peppered Gizzard – N2500

Yam and Egg Sauce

Grilled Quarter Chicken – N2250

Grilled Potatoes- N500

Water – N200