Sunday Brunch at Pavilion | Abuja

📍12, Ukpabi Asika St, Asokoro

Trying to make brunch on the weekends a regular thing for me these days where I meet with friends and catch up on everything. The other day, two of my faves and myself decided we’d try the special brunch menu over at Pavilion.


It was great vibes and good food all through, which is why @pavilionng is one of my favourite places to be. Here’s what we stuffed our faces with:

Beef Rib Tacos – N3800

(trio of beef rib tacos, tortilla, salsa verde, spicy mayo, coriander)

Absolutely loved these although the portion size was heartbreaking. The tortilla was beautifully thin, while the beef was tender and juicy. Recommended!!

Pavilion Burger – N4000

(braised beef brisket, beef patty, bbq sauce, rocket salad, mozzarella, fries)

Second time I’m having this in a month & I’m adding this to the list of things you could use to sell me. A beef brisket AND patty in a burger? Sure! take my coins. I was happy it was juicy and tender. Quite packed with flavour too.

French Toast – N3000

(brioche, berries, cinnamon, maple syrup)

French toast done right + I really liked the simplicity in the presentation. The bread was fluffy and cooked through, no weird moist middle. Let’s not even get into the jam 🤤. Dear Pavilion, you should consider selling those in jars.

In case you’re wondering where to have brunch today, this could be an option as it’s a Sunday and they’re on till 4pm. 🥳