Boozy Breakfast 3.0 | Abuja

Yes. Another Boozy Breakfast post, at this point I think some of us need loyalty cards 😅.

This post is just to keep you updated on what I’ve tried over my last 3/4 visits. Even though ‘The Hangover’ is literally what I always order, I tried to divert from that a few times and try the other stuff they have on the menu (which they recently updated btw).

So let’s discuss!

The Hangover – N4500

So with my fave, I’ve noticed the portion size has increased while the heat level has reduced. I can now eat it without crying and scratching my head every minute 😅. Taste remains the same + suya is more tender now.

Chicken and Waffles – N5000

This is one of the new additions to the menu. I was quite excited to try it, but I was a bit underwhelmed once it was presented.

The chicken itself was good. Tender, moist, with a well seasoned and crispy coating. However I felt it was not worth N5,000. Adding another layer of waffles and perhaps some condiments like cut fruits would’ve made it worth the price.

Eko Breakfast – N4000

Second time trying Ewa Agoyin and it was great. I particularly like the spicy beef, just wished it was a bit more tender, but it works.

Oyinbo – N5500

The oyinbo remains a classic. Soo much on a plate!

Yankee Breakfast – N5000

Noticed that this has been taken off the menu, but glad we got to try it before then. I thought it was good alternative to the Oyinbo. Nice presentation and the waffles were fluffy.

Only thing left to try is the Lotus Pancakes. I’ll probably save it for my November visit since I’ve coincidentally been visiting literally every month 😂.