Alamala | Abuja

📍 40, Durban Street, Wuse II

After weeks of things getting in the way, I finally got to visit Alamala some time ago. It was a quick but memorable visit.

Loved the look the container had, and how easy it was to order your meal. There was a sit out area too which I appreciated, cause I sat there for time enjoying the sweet Abuja breeze.

So, I got a bowl of amala, ewedu, stew, and gbegiri with assorted meat. I was really curious to see the quantity cause there was no option of how many wraps of amala you wanted.

Opening the bowl, I gave it a look like “dazzit”? But I soon found out that I underestimated it. I cleared my bowl, but wew, was I full.

Taste wise, I wasn’t exactly intrigued. I was expecting a burst of flavour from the stew that’d pair well with the ewedu and gbegiri, but I felt that was lacking.

I guess this was cause I went in thinking I was getting ‘gourmet’ amala. I’d say it’s your regular amala, but with attractive packaging.


Full Meal – N2000

Amala, Ewedu, Stew, and Gbegiri