Furaa World | Abuja Series

One of the main reasons I love receiving product samples for reviews is that I get to set up a mini shoot for them, and luckily we had the right prop sitting in the kitchen 😅.

This was from Furaa World and I was quite excited to try something different.

In most cases I just dive in as soon as the delivery driver hands it to me and I’m back inside cause why wait? 🌚 But it was a lazy saturday and I had the time, so I took a few photos of the packaging before I served myself some.

I got to try the;

Yoghurt & Fura (Kosam Be Dekkere) – N1200

Yoghurt & Fura with Coconut – N1300

Sweet Potato Fura Granules

If you’re a fan of Fura da nono, then this ones for you! The yoghurt was creamy, but light and it tasted fresh. This was the first time I had tried a non-traditional millet based fura, as this was made out of sweet potatoes. It had a bit of sweetness and chewy-ness which I oddly liked. That paired with the coconut infused yoghurt was a treat in the mouth.

I love Habib yoghurt but it seems we have a bit of competition. 🌚 Have you tried Furaa World before? I’m excited to try the smoothies next.