Shark House 101 | Abuja

📍 Rooftop, Best Deal Plaza. No 15B, 3rd Avenue, Gwarimpa

Had the best evening with my girls at Sharkhouse 101 the other day. We had been planning to visit since January, but as usual, life got in the way. We finally got to go a while back and it was worth the wait.


Going straight to it, it was a confusing setting. From the fishing nets x woven baskets on the ceiling, to the furniture and then the different wallpapers surrounding the space, it was visually confusing.

Luckily we had a somewhat 180 degrees view of Gwarimpa, which was pleasant to look at. The weather was super refreshing that day, so being on a rooftop, eating good food with your faves was exactly what the doctor ordered.


We were on a mission. Eat as much seafood as we possibly could! We got the;

Seafood Boil x Fried Rice x Plantain

The seafood boil contains prawns, crawfish, clams/mussels, crabs with corn or potatoes.

All seafood was cooked through and tasted alright. However, I wish there was more depth with the spices used in cooking them.

My favourite item was the prawns. Juicy and tender. The fried rice was your typical Nigerian Fried Rice.

Mixed Grill Platter

This was a mix of, mini lobster, squid, octopus, shrimps prawns, with a side of slaw, corn and rice.

This is definitely enough to serve 2 people. Pairing the slaw, rice and seafood in one bite was a good idea. Wasn’t super excited about the squid/octopus, + they were almost non existent on the moment. A little more of it would’ve been nice.


Share, share and share! It’s always good to mix and match. + don’t think you can finish everything at once, order small quantities first then go from there.


Seafood Boil – N6,000 (x2)

Fried Rice – N1,200

Plantain – N700

Mixed Grill – N12,000

Coke – N600 (x3)