Tasting: Tapas on the Green | Abuja

📍 Central Park, 70, Kur Mohammed Ave, Central Area.

The other day at Tapas on the Green for some quick bites! First off, I was so glad it was in Central Park cause that gave me a reason to explore the park! Secondly, I finally had snail for the first time!


It was interesting that the restaurant had 4 different spaces, both indoor and outdoor. You know how much I love spaces with multiple settings.

The outside space with the chess game attracted me first. I thought the booths were beautiful crafted and the pop of colours made it fun.

I really liked the main indoor space which was clean and crisp with warm colors. Thought it’d be a nice spot for casual dates or work lunches.

The other ‘outdoor’- indoor space was my favourite because of the walls and furniture. There was a clear visual connection between both indoor and outdoor mainly based on colours.


So I was invited for a tasting of the new ‘Naija Menu’ which was exciting cause I barely have Nigerian food when I go out. My mum would probably kill me if I said someone’s Egusi was better than hers in a review 😂.

I had the Pepper Snails, Spicy Goat Meat, and Local Peppered Rice. The Pepper Snails were super spicy, like super and nicely spiced.

Trying snail for the first was interesting but not as I imagined though. Texture was chewy, like that of gizzard. I also felt there was a bit too much garnishing with the onions and bell peppers. Also, the plating could’ve been neater.

The Spicy Goat Meat was quite flavourful and tender. The Local Peppered Rice was a hit for me as it was equally packed with flavour and cooked well.


I usually don’t critique this aspect once its a tasting cause definitely the service would be on point. However our waiter was friendly and helped suggest a few things.


If you have a look at their menu, you’d see that they also have continental options such as indian, chinese, and pizzas too. Also, explore the park while you’re there. Don’t be like me who’s never taken the time to proper visit.


Virgin Mojito – N1800

Pepper Snails – N3800

Spicy Goat Meat – N3000

Local Peppered Rice – N2000








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