Café Dimanche | Abuja

📍Food City, Bangui St, Wuse II

The first time I visited Cafè Dimanche was about a week after it opened back in July. I was hesitant about going the first few weeks it opened, as I usually prefer to visit a new restaurant/cafe a few weeks/months in.

That’s because I believe they’d have had enough time to adjust and gotten a better hang of things in order to deliver the service they aspire to.

But I had been following the cafe’s construction on the page’s Instagram Stories so I was excited to finally see how it turned out as well as to try out the waffles I had been seeing on the page too. I was feeling dessert-y that evening and I thought why not, we’ll make an exception this time.

Probably should have stuck to my rules because my experience was quite disappointing (well except for that french toast, keep reading to find out why)

However, my thoughts changed when I went for a second visit last weekend which was for a tasting. After my not so great experience the first visit, I thought it’d be worth giving them a chance again seeing as it’s been a month since the last visit. I had a swell time at the tasting as I was with Aramide (@abujaeats), Shehu (Owner) and Limo (@vidocafe)

Well let’s get into it!


Love me an outdoor/indoor space. You’re first welcomed by an art nouveau inspired gate that leads you into the outdoor seating area. During my first visit, it was sooo packed that I didn’t get to acknowledge the space, but I was glad I was able to this time.

The umbrellas weren’t there the first visit but I appreciate the space a lot more now with them there. It adds to the aesthetics of say, being in a street cafe somewhere in Milan or Paris.

The design inside was simple and clean. First, I loved the contrast between the dark and light pastel colours of the walls. I also liked the subtle hints of texture in the furniture, light fittings and marble table tops. I believe it added depth to the space. The use of neon lights is also a nice touch.


I think it’s super important to have a simple and concise menu which I was happy to see here. Just an A4 board, with the front for food, and the back for drinks. I liked the range between sweet and savoury which I’ve gotten to try in these different dishes:

Iced Strawberry Mint Lemonade – N1500

I wanted this during my first visit but it was a case of ‘we don hav eet’. Luckily I got to try it during the tasting!

Cause of it’s description, I was expecting some mint leaves and crushed ice in the cup. However it was more of lemonade with some strawberry syrup. I only got a tiny hint of mint in it. I’m looking forward to trying it again with all those condiments added in it.

Iced Tea x Lemonade – N1000

I genuinely don’t remember how these tasted, but enjoy the photo 😅 xx

Korean Fried Wings – N4000

These were your regular wings. Sweet, slightly tangy and cooked through.

Onion Rings – N2000

I’m always skeptical about ordering onion rings because most times they come out too soggy cause of the steam or too oily. This one however was beautifully crispy and not oily whatsoever. Nonetheless, I think portion size could be improved to match its price.

French Toast With Strawberries x Maple Syrup & French Toast With Oreos x Maple Syrup – N4000 each

The French Toast was everything and more! It’s super rare to find restaurants/cafes that actually use brioche bread for their French Toasts and the cafe prides itself in making them from scratch. Love it. For me it’s, do it right, or don’t do it at all! I’d recommend you try this.

Lotus Pancake Stacks

Let’s just say the French Toast has some competition after I had some of this. The pancakes were fluffy, light and cooked through. I thought the toppings were subtle and not overpowering.

I’ve concluded that this is and the french toast are what’s gonna keep pulling me into the cafe. Absolutely loved it.

Chicken Fajita Midi Pizza – N3000

Love the concept of having a smaller sized pizza. Sometimes the regular sized pizzas can be a lot to eat at once. I thought the crust was beautifully thin and the garnishing wasn’t too much, however I thought the chicken could’ve used more seasoning.

Plamb – N5,000

I’m one of those that think people who eat couscous and quinoa are serial killers 😂. I mentioned it’ll be hard to convince me to like the dish but it turns out it wasn’t that hard to.

I would say the Plamb Curry had a lot to do with it. As the name suggests, it’s a mix of plantain and lamb in a curry sauce. I liked the play of sweet and savoury as well as the play with textures. The flavours were there and it paired well with the couscous.


Gonna comment on the first visit cause service during tastings don’t count.

The service wasn’t the best as there were just 2 overwhelmed waiters covering the cafe. We had to keep calling the waiter’s attention for everything cause he kept forgetting things like placing an order on a menu item.

After which we to sit for an extra 30 minutes after eating waiting for it to be packaged as take out. We understood that it was a busy Friday evening but it was just one mistake after the other.

Also there were a lot of menu items not available so we both had to settle for French Toast as it was the only thing available.

But after having a bite, I knew I’d have to forgive the service and give them a second chance (which I did) cause like I said, new restaurants need time to adjust to provide adequate service.


Have the Lotus pancakes and thank me later 😉. Also if you’re like me and are trying to avoid the huge crowd, try going earlier in the day as opposed to late evenings.


Iced Strawberry Mint Lemonade – N1500

Lemonade – N1000

Iced Tea – N1000

Korean Fried Wings – N4000

Onion Rings – N2000

French Toast With Strawberries x Maple Syrup – N4000

French Toast With Oreos x Maple Syrup – N4000

Lotus Pancake Stacks

Chicken Fajita Midi Pizza – N3000

Plamb – N5000