TarTar | Abuja

📍 5, Sorotona Close, Wuse II

Fridays are for lunch with my girls and TarTar was the pick this time around. It was a wet afternoon as Abuja had decided to bless us with rain almost every hour. Luckily it stopped long enough for us to enjoy our time eating good food and catching up.


Besides the weather making it super serene, the tropical aesthetics also made it a visually pleasing outdoor space. We sat in the indoor/outdoor space which had the couches and an actual tree growing out the roof. I thought it was nice they worked around it rather than cut it down.

Unfortunately I didn’t really explore the inside. It was more of a walkthrough for me as you’d have to go through the indoor space to get to the seating areas outside.

The inside had a rustic design from the exposed services on the ceiling, to the wooden tables and the steel chairs. It also features a mural named ‘The TarTar Girl’ and a few neon signs such as ‘Vibes’ that make the perfect backdrop.

Photo credit: @thegram.ng


TarTar was still operating on the soft opening menu, meaning our options were limited. But we managed to pick out things we wanted. However they’re currently expanding their menu, so it’ll be great to see what else they’ll have to offer.

Virgin Mojito
Seafood Penne Pasta

Added to the list of good pasta spots. Nothing really distinct about it, but I’ll come back for it. Wasn’t a fan of the burnt garlic bread though, was disappointed that it was approved to come out the kitchen that way.

Szechuan Chilli Chicken over Basmati Rice

I enjoyed the Szechuan Chilli Chicken a lot. It had a spicy kick with a sweet after taste. Paired really well with the rice and at that moment I wished it was ‘egg fried rice’, would have slapped harder.

Peppercorn Chicken over Basmati Rice

The peppercorn was quite interesting mainly because it had actually corn in them. So it made us wonder if it was a twist on the typical peppercorn or if it was an actual thing. Nonetheless, it tasted great. The corn added a slight sweetness to every bite.


The only problem we encountered was a glitch with my drink which was resolved immediately and my food (yes, me again) took the longest. My friends finished eating before my pasta came. Other than that, they were polite and engaging. And made sure they were within reach.


Small Tea Pot – N1800

Virgin Mojito – N2500

Seafood Penne Pasta – N7400

Szechuan Chilli Chicken over Basmati Rice – N7200

Peppercorn chicken over Basmati Rice – N6800

Seasoned Sweet Potato Fries – N2200


Menu is currently being revised, so keep tabs on their Instagram page for updates.






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