Kappadocia: A Night in the Cave | Abuja

📍 2, Kinda St, Wuse II

So monthsssss after its opening, I finally had a reason to visit Kappadocia. The night called for a celebration and I thought why not go somewhere different for a change, cause Lord knows La Taverna and Cantina have taken enough of our coins.😅


Just as the photos have shown in numerous posts we’ve seen, the interior has been designed to look like a cave. I was quite impressed because construction in Nigeria, particularly the finishing, is a hit or miss and clearly they came correct here.

One thing I liked in particular was the ambient lighting, really set the mood for a cozy dinner. I thought the addition of a fire element like a fire place or sconces on the walls would’ve elevated the space and theme of the restaurant.


Initially, I was worried it’d be a case of calling it ‘Kappadocia’ and not serving traditional meals from the city, but I was shown otherwise.

Complimentary Tea

Glad to have seen some traditional options on the menu even though I went for the pasta dish (just cause it was the cheapest tbh, your girl was on a budgit!) But have you noticed how restaurant prices are getting dangerous? I blame Lagos’s influence. 😂

Let’s start with the drinks!

Blueberry Majito N3500 x Pineapple Ginger Beer N3200

Went for the blueberry majito cause it was the closest to a Virgin Mojito and of course you can’t go wrong with pineapple and ginger beer.

Yakitori Chicken x Garlic Emulsion, Soy x Orange Dressing – N5500

(tender skewered meats, chicken or beef served with pita bread)

Nothing really ‘wow’ about it, but I loved how tender, juicy and flavorful this was. Did you notice our pita bread was missing btw? Cause it wasn’t until I was writing this review I noticed. They owe me. 🥲

Chicken Tagliatelle – N7000

(pulled chicken with smashed tomatoes sauce and basil oil)

At first I tried to imagine how this dish would look, cause of the ‘pulled chicken’ aspect. Based on my pasta journey, the chicken or beef is usually diced or cut into strips, so I was curious to see this one.

Once it came to the table, I saw that the pulled chicken was mixed into the pasta. So in a forkful you’d get strands of both pasta and chicken, which created an interesting texture in the mouth.

I thought it was great taste wise, pasta was al dente and you could taste the basil oil. However I thought the plate was a bit too mushy and the idea of pulled chicken in pasta wasn’t for me. Give me the chunks!

Shrimp Penne – N8500

(head on shrimp, parmesan cream, chives, pesto)

Labeled ‘creamy goodness’, this pasta dish was quite good even though I thought that the ‘creamy-ness’ could have been more emphasized in the plate.

The presence of the pesto could have been stronger, and wish I got more than two pieces of shrimp, 3 is a good number dearies at Kappadocia 😉.

Chocolate Cubes x Vanilla Ice Cream – N4200

This was a case of what I ordered and what I got. The description on the menu didn’t match what was kept on the table.

This particular plate reminded me of why I don’t order dessert at restaurants. The chocolate ‘cube’ was stale and lacked taste, while the ice cream tasted like fan ice. Quite underwhelming.

I was annoyed that that was last, cause it seemed to have made me forget the good things I had earlier. It’s a no for me.


Service was good. We were technically the only diners at the time so all attention was definitely paid to us. All meals came in a timely fashion, and presented nicely.


Try to visit at night. I feel it adds to the overall experience.


Blueberry Majito – N3500

Pineapple Ginger Beer – N3200

Chicken Tagliatelle – N7000

Yakitori Chicken x Garlic Emulsion, Soy x Orange Dressing – N5500

Shrimp Penne – N8500

Chocolate Cubes x Vanilla Ice Cream – N4200