Tasting: Amazonia Forager Experience | Abuja

📍7, Hombori Street, Wuse II

So a few weeks back, I was at Amazonia for ‘The Foragers Dinging Experience’. Experiential dining is my favorite way to enjoy food. Like yes! Entertain and feed me at the same time please!

The act of Foraging involves gathering food by hunting, fishing, or the picking of edible plants, after which its cooked and eaten by the group of ‘hunters’.


The private room had a 360 degree projector view that gave the illusion of being in a forest with animals running around.

There were a few technical glitches which didn’t allow us get the proper experience but we still got the picture.


Starters: Chicken Wonton Soup x Chicken Salad

I particularly liked the wonton soup as the wonton remained crispy even after being submerged in the broth. The broth was light and had a subtle taste. Also liked that the salad had chicken croquettes instead of strips! Made it fun.

Sides: Sesame Rice, Thai Dragon Rice, ‘Sautéed’ Potatoes

The Thai Dragon Rice was exciting to eat. Right amount of soy and the rice wasn’t overcooked. Sesame rice wasn’t quite as exciting but it had a nice taste too. With the Sautéed potatoes, I pictured round cut sliced potatoes with some spring onions and all, but we were presented with fries. I felt they’d be better off sticking to the usuals.

A Grill Tray of Mackerel, Chicken, Prawns, Lamb Leg and Beef Steak.

The tray of grills! Loved the variety! Prawns, Lamb Leg and Chicken were cooked beautifully. However as a member of the Medium Well Society for steaks, the beef steak was too tough to eat. Didn’t try the fish, but a fellow guest mentioned it was a tad bit too salty.

Dessert: Caramel Apple, Ice Cream, Cake Slice

First time trying a caramelized apple. Not as exciting as I imagined. The ice cream also didn’t cut it for me.

Drinks: Non Alcoholic or Alcoholic Wine & Water


In a nutshell, the idea and creativity was there but the execution was really lacking. I believe with more preparation and practice, they’d be able to deliver the exact concept of ‘Experiential Dining’. More elements such as sound and visual effects, would go a long way + more enthusiasm and pizzaz from the chef too!

Music Credit: Wizkid – Anoti

Price: N30,000 per person