Tasting: Sketch | Abuja

📍 Art Tech District, 7 Hombori Street, Opp Best Premier Hotel, Wuse II

Loving the themed restaurants that have been opening up in the Buj lately. Our latest addition is Sketch Restaurant located in the Art Tech District, Wuse.

First time I saw this concept was with Forever Rose Cafe (@foreeverosecafe) in Dubai. So once I learnt we were having our very own 2D/3D restaurant, I was quite gassed!


As the photos show, they clearly nailed it with the execution of the 2D/3D illusion. I liked how from the outside you already have an idea of what to expect.

As for the inside, I loved how each space had a different character to it.

The rooftop was my favorite space. Definitely somewhere to be at night, not during the day time.

Genuinely hoping this place doesn’t get a reputation as a photography studio instead of a restaurant cause whew. 🥲


I didn’t particularly have any guesses on what the menu would offer, but I assumed it’d be pastry and some brunch meals likes pancakes, sandwiches, pizzas and whatnot.

Once I visited I realized I guessed right, although I thought it was odd to have the likes of Ramen and Seafood Boil.

I was there for a tasting with Goodness of @goodiescorner ♥️ and we were presented with the Sloppy Joes Burger, Chicken Katsu Ramen and a Chocolate Cake for dessert. I also got to try a glass of iced coffee.

Chicken Katsu Ramen – N8000

(noodles, chicken, chives, red peppers, eggs)

Initial thought once this was presented was:

This is not ramen.

I was expecting a big bowl of broth with thin noodles and other condiments swimming in it. Topped with some crispy chicken and a drizzle of katsu sauce.

But that wasn’t what I got. I generally thought the noodles were quite overcooked which isn’t really a texture I like in my mouth. However I was told customers complained that they preferred it the soft way (let’s talk though, why would you want over cooked noodles?? 💀)

There was no broth, which I believe is the heart of any ramen dish. They however nailed the soft boiled egg (not pictured), I was glad.

All in all, I suggested they either adjust the recipe or change the name to ‘chicken noodles’, cause calling it Ramen was slightly misleading. Also, provision of chopsticks should be considered.

Sloppy Joes Burger – N5000

(minced beef, tomato relish, pickled onions, cheddar cheese)

I’ve always wanted to try Sloppy Joes and I was happy my first experience was good. The sauce was everything. You could tell the beef and tomato sauce married themselves.

The flavors from the beef were evident which made the whole burger enjoyable. I also liked the side of sautéed potatoes. They had a dry rub of spices on them and then grilled. Tasted better with the sour cream dip. I’d recommend.

Iced Latte – N2500

This was quite refreshing. Anything coffee, I’m in.

Chocolate Cake

I was just excited to see edible gold on the plate. 🤩 It was presented beautifully and tasted great too, however texture could’ve been more moist.


Make sure you ask how to print out a photo you take so you can color while you wait for your food. I think that’s super cool.


Chicken Katsu Ramen – N8000

Sloppy Joes Burger – N5000

Iced Latte – N2500

Chocolate Cake


Will you be visiting Sketch Restaurant over the holidays?