Cafeteria | Lagos

📍16, Akin Adesola St, Victoria Island

I’ve been wanting a #LagosSeries for the longest time! Super glad I finally got to and my first feature is CafeteriaNG!

I remember coming across their Instagram page and being instantly drawn to the food! I made a mental note to have breakfast/brunch the first chance I got!

Woke up and first thought that came to mind was ofcourse food! After minutes trying to decide between Maison Kayser and Cafeteria, we settled for Cafeteria just cause I was in the mood for some mac n cheese.


The space I usually see featured on the Instagram page was super full. It was overwhelming going into the space, so much that I couldn’t even photograph it!

However, there was a separate space to the right that was much more calmer with a whole different vibe.

I loved the minimal decor with the various pots and kettles placed on the overhead shelves. Another thing I liked was that I was surrounded by green. Created the best backdrops.


Service was quite slow, but understandable due to the crowd. One thing however was the lack of hygiene. The kitchen entrances’ floor was quite dirty with flies perching around. I asked for it be cleaned twice but nothing happened. I eventually had to change my seat.


Chicken Mac & Cheese – N6500

Once I saw this plate coming towards me, I knew we were going to be best friends. The meal comes with a side of garlic bread, which I started with. It was velvety, and well seasoned, no overwhelming garlic taste. Best one I’ve had in a while.

The next order of business was the chicken! Tender with a beautiful breaded coating. I then paired the chicken with a forkful of some pasta. Heaven.

I don’t know how I cleared my plate, but I know I couldn’t breathe straight for like 5 minutes. I was soooooo full and happy. Haha

Tony’s Crispy Chicken Burger – N7000

I got so distracted with my mac n cheese that I forgot to taste the burger. I apologize deeply. But based on who enjoyed it, it was a good one.

Emphasis was placed on the patty itself. I particularly liked its presentation cause I could see all the layers.


They’re open till 6am! How amazing is that. Unfortunately no deliveries but the fact that you can have it at any hour is a great thing to know.


Chicken Mac & Cheese – N6500

Tony’s Crispy Chicken Burger – N7000

Coke – N900 x2

Water – N700






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