Nok by Alara | Lagos

📍12a, Akin Olugbade St, Victoria Island

I can finally tick this off my bucket list! I was at Alara and ate at Nok! One of my best days in Lagos. You should’ve seen the big smile on my face when we were pulling up. As soon as I saw the burnt terracotta facade, I knew we were at the right place.


Because I was quite hungry, Nok was first on the agenda before exploring Alara itself.

After a small walk past the side of the terracotta building you’re welcomed into this garden space that exudes bright colors using various patterns of fabric, plants and furniture. I wanted to live there.

The inside was also aesthetically pleasing. Dark walls with interestingly shaped windows. Made me fall in love with architecture again.


Ofcourse I went there for the amala. I wasn’t interested in anything else but that! The menu was a page. Very concise and straight to the point which made making a decision easier.

Complimentary sweet potato chips
Nok Abula – N6500

If Abuja had it’s own Nok, I’ll be there every other day for sure! Ngl, I thought this was going to be one of those overhyped dishes that trends on the gram.

If anything, this bowl of amala showed me that no one was on it’s level! The taste, the abundance of assorted meat and the plenty amala in there also. I really enjoyed the bowl.

Expected it to be more on the spicy side but it was more on the mild side.

Nok Hot Chicken with Mac & Cheese – N6500

The chicken was my favorite part of the dish. Although it lacked some seasoning, the coating made up for it. It was spicy, and really crunchy. Just how I like it.

The pasta itself was A1. I liked that it wasn’t overcooked and it was also better seasoned than the chicken itself.


Everything was spot on. Wait time was a bit longer than anticipated, aside that, I had no other complaints.


Try to visit during the day and at night time also because I feel they are two different experiences. I didn’t get to visit at night, but for sure I’ll be there next time.


Lagos Mule – N4500

Passion Sunrise – N5000

Nok Abula – N6500

Nok Hot Chicken with Mac & Cheese – N6500