Food Shack | Lagos

📍 32, Ologun Agbaje St, Victoria Island

After a long afternoon of exploring Lekki Conservation Centre, food was the only way we were going to be able to replenish ourselves, and Food Shack definitely came to our aid.


Something I’ve noticed is I’m always drawn to places with greenery! They’re absolutely the best places to dine at!

Walking into the restaurant was almost tricky cause there were plants everywhere and I couldn’t decide where the entrance was.

When we eventually found the entrance, it was facing an outdoor space that looked really cozy to be in. But because of the heat and the possibility of flies of course, we opted to seat inside.

Inside was simple and open! I loved the amount of sunlight that was seeping into space. Especially the area with the double height.

Couldn’t photograph all the spots cause of diners, but it was quite cosy on the other ends too.


Just like other places on my Lagos list, I knew exactly what I was going for. I know they were popular for their meal combos so I decided to have one and so did my friends.

Lagos Hot Turkey Combo – N7900

(shack wings, turkey, sweetcorn, slaw, texas toast & side)

First thought when I saw this was, ‘this isn’t worth 8k’. This is what somewhere like Barkono Grill could give me for half it’s price.

Nonetheless the platter was really good, especially the shack wings. I was expecting a Turkey Wing but got thighs instead. Wasn’t exactly a fan of the sauce it was coated with.

Fries and corn were the usual, however my texas toast was missing. 😦

Shack Wings x Ribs Combo – N8500

(shack wings, 200g ribs, sweetcorn, slaw, texas toast & side)

The ribs were a hit. Tender, well seasoned and quite a lot too. I really enjoyed this more than the turkey. The rice was underwhelming on its own but paired good with the ribs.


Food was really slow. Had to ask the waiter about 3 times for an update on the food. Apologies were made but this was almost an hour after ordering.


Lagos Hot Turkey Combo – N7900

Shack Wings x Ribs Combo – N8500 x2

Sorry, I don’t remember the drinks we got, but they were really good too.







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