Shiro | Lagos

📍 Block XVI 3 & 4, Landmark Centre, Victoria Island

After having the best 2 weeks in Lagos. We ended it with dinner at Shiro. I almost missed this but shout out to my friends for dragging me out. ♥️


Visiting at night was definitely a good idea. I loved how dark it was. Reminded me of dining at Chi Thai back in Abuja.

Outside seemed like a nice vibe but there were wayy too many people, so we sat inside.


We ordered a bunch of stuff and shared.

The sushi was my favorite! I haven’t had decent ones in a while and this really hit the spot. Particularly the ‘Tuna Tango Maki N6500’ and ‘Boursi Prawn x Avocado N6500’

We also had the ‘Sui Mai N6000’ and ‘Prawn Tempura N8500’. The tempura stole my heart! It was definitely the crunchiest one I’ve ever had. Prawn tasted great and luckily didn’t have a chewy texture.

Siu Mai was also good. I mean it’s chicken AND prawn yes please!

For mains we had the ‘Yaki Udon’, one with Chicken N9500 and one with Beef N10000. The Beef Udon had a lot more flavor cause of the beef, however I wasn’t a fan of either.

The noodles were a little overcooked, and there were was more vegetable than noodles, an off ratio.

We also had a rice and sauce mains but I genuinely don’t remember what they were called. Absolutely loved the rice, the sauce, not so much. I remember the protein had a weird texture. It tasted like what vegan chicken would probably taste like 😅


Service was good, nothing much to say here really.


Tuna Tango Maki – N6500

Boursi Prawn x Avocado – N6500

Sui Mai – N6000

Prawn Tempura – N8500

Yaki Udon Chicken – N9500

Yaki Udon Beef – N10000







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