Barkono Grill | Abuja

#JanArchives | Barkono Grill always comes in clutch when I’m craving wings! Still has very disappointing service, but the food almost makes you forgive them instantly.

Even though I wanted the Garlic x Herb Wings, I had to settle for BBQ Wings N3500 (12pc) due to a case of ‘we dun have eet ma’. Still hit the spot.

I was in the mood for a burger too, so I tried the Classic Burger – N2500 and the Blazing Fries – N1400 .

I loved that I could see all the layers and it tasted great thanks to a well seasoned & juicy patty. The blazing fries were lit! Any extraness to my fries are very welcome. They were quite hot, so keep that in mind.

Also had the Half Chicken (Spicy BBQ flavour). The tenderness of the chicken is what brings me back. But the marinade is what brings it together. Subtle use of spices that mixed sweet and spicy.