Casa Mexicana | Abuja

📍First Floor, Ceddi Plaza, Tafawa Balewa Rd, Central Business District.

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to visit Casa Mexicana. I was desperately craving Mexican food like nachos & tacos and I knew exactly where I could get both and so we went!


Well, I haven’t visited Mexico (yet) but from what I know, they nailed it with the ambience!

One thing I love about Ceddi’s architecture is how they considered light penetration into certain spaces. There was so much light seeping into the ‘outdoor’ part of the restaurant.

It had decorations draping around the space which were the colors of the Mexican flag. There were also little signages and art pieces that added to the theme of the restaurant.

Inside was a huge contrast to the outside. Dim interior with bold colors with a lot of decorative pieces around.

One of my favorite aspects were the jewelry corner as well as art works such as Frida Kahlo.

There were sombreros and poncho props for diners to take photos and of course I couldn’t resist.


Mexican cuisine is one of the international cuisines I really want to explore. Various tapas, grills and so much more. So far I’ve only tried Fajitas, Nachos & a few Tacos.

Casa Mexicana has a variety of dishes, but we knew exactly why we were there.

Traditional Nachos

Do you see how beautifully loaded this plate is? It had everything you need on a plate of nachos. The cheese was rich and well seasoned. Nachos were also extra crispy even with the cheese on it.

Beef Tacos

I wasn’t exactly impressed with these Tacos. The filling was 70% greens and 30% protein. I’m also a fan of soft shell tacos as opposed to the hard shell. Nonetheless the protein filling tasted great.



Service was quite good. It was a quiet Sunday afternoon so there wasn’t much going on. Food came out in a timely fashion and presented nicely.





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