Iftar with Food with Mayro

Love receiving food deliveries and I got this one from @foodwithmayro the other day! I was sent:

Masa (10) and Miyan Taushe (Pumpkin Soup) – N3000

Singapore Noodles w Shredded Beef in Garlic & Broccoli Sauce – N3,500

Zobo & Kunun Aya – N500

First off, the zobo! Super refreshing and the right amount of sweetness. The Kunun aya was equally good, but had an after taste I wasn’t quite comfortable with.

Then the miyan taushe! I’ve never had one that good! It was rich with pieces of ponmo and beef in it which paired really well with the masa. The masa on the other hand could’ve been fluffier, but I feel that’s cause my delivery guy came late af. I’d like to try it when it’s relatively hot and steamy!

The Singapore Noodles & Beef x Broccoli sauce stole the show for me! Mainly the sauce. Its something I’d want to order on it’s own and eat with a variety of other carb options.

Food with Mayro launches today. So make sure to get something for iftar! Try the zobo and thank me later. 😉






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