Brunch at Mai Shayi

Waffles, Pasta & Coffee! 🧇🍝☕️

iced caramel macchiato

Brunch at Mai Shayi a while back! It had been a while I had waffles and the thought of having seafood with it definitely had my mouth watering.

Seafood Waffles w Cheese – N7,500

Tbh, this is one of the dishes I’ve had and thought “maybe you should’ve gone with something else”.

seafood waffles w cheese

I mean I knew how it’d be presented, but somehow, I hoped that the taste would distract me from the portion size, but it didn’t.

I’d say one more waffle layer, then more ooomph to the shrimp because it was quite dry and bland. + melted cheese, preferably mozzarella.

Penne Pasta Arrabiatta – N6,700

This automatically got into my list of ‘places to eat pasta’. So that’s amongst La Taverna x Cantina.

penne pasta arrabiatta

It was really good & spicy. Emphasis on spicy. Could have been more on the Al dente side but it was still an okay texture. There’s also chicken pieces in it that were juicy & well seasoned. Had a hint of main shanu to me but the waiter said there wasn’t any in it 🤔.

What have you had from Mai Shayi? Was it worth it?






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