Late Lunch at Tulip Bistro | Abuja

Late lunch with one of my faves, Mida, and we chose to go to Tulip Bistro. The rooftop is what does it for me and Abuja’s weather was the best that evening and so we weeeentt!

We both wanted something light to eat while we caught up so we ordered;

Chicken Caesar Salad – N6,500

This is one of those if-you-know-you-know situations. I genuinely can’t explain to you why this salad slaps the way it does. Its always super fresh and the chicken pieces are succulent! Always a go to at Tulip!

Philly Cheese Roll – N5,000

These were presented beautifully, however it didn’t taste like philly cheese in a roll . It was more beef in puff pastry with very little cheese and condiments. I’d still suggest it as a starter though. Maybe it was a bad day?

Charcoal Wings – N4,500

As I always say, you can’t go wrong with wings as a starter. I love that there was an actual char taste to them with a hint of lemon.

Brazilian Lemonade – N3,000

I was curious about this, and I remember asking the waitress and she said something along the line of it’s just a more ‘dramatic lemonade’.

However I googled and the difference between it and a regular lemonade is that the Brazilian is made with limes instead of lemons. Definitely not ordering that again!

Soft Drinks – N1,000

Absolutely love the rooftop at Tulip Bistro. Airy, Neutral colors and great views of the city. Let me know what you think when you visit! ♥️

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