Brunch & Afternoon Tea at Cafe Flour | Abuja

Mid-week brunch dates with Cafe Flour.

Agenda for brunch was to eat a variety of sweet & savory food cause my cravings were all over the place.

By default, the Lotus Pancakes are featured with a side of chicken strips. We all know the cafe makes some of the best pancakes in the city and we can’t seem to get enough of it.

Btw, you see people who eat a full stack yeah? Fear them.

I specifically wanted the afternoon tea because of it’s variety and the fact that I hadn’t had it in over a year. It’s an assortment of smoked chicken, turkey & mayo sandwiches, a scone, pancakes, two cake slices, brownies, an apple tart,

First off, I switched my tea for a cappuccino cause I needed the kick.

As always, the smoked chicken sammiches were my first pick. Love them. The apple tart’s pastry was quite thick, rather than a bit flaky for easy bites, but it was my favorite dessert. Not a fan of scones, so I avoided that. Pancakes were good as usual with some syrup.

I was full after eating the savory that I couldn’t even look at the sweet, I blame the pancakes & chicken I had prior.

Cafe Flour is one of my favorite spots for Breakfast/Brunch meals. Is it yours too? 🙂

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