Stack & Still | London

📍 17-18 Irving St, WC2H 7AU

You KNOW I was gassed when I got an email inviting me to the opening of the new Stack & Still in London City babbyyy! It was perfect timing as I planned to be there anyway.

I have visited both branches in Scotland (Edinburgh & Glasgow), so being able to add one more city to my list was great!

Glasgow, Sept 2020


Just like the other branches, the interior featured a rustic design with warm colors used in furniture & fittings. Liked that there was outdoor seating compared to the other branches. But it was definitely too cold for that.

Sat in one of the booths, and I promise you, I did not color coordinate. The scarf choice was even a last minute decision. 😅

London, Dec 2022


By default, I was looking at the savory options cause that’s how stars do! I always feel the creativity of these pancakes show more in the savory options.

All American Stack

Buttermilk Stack • Chilli Beef • Cheese • House Slaw Mustard • BBQ Sauce • Onion Ring • Dill Pickle

Chose this specifically for the Chilli Beef & Onion Ring.

My favorite thing about this place is the layering! They make sure that each bite has every ingredient in it.

The Nigerian babe in me wanted more heat, but the mustard was a close substitute and the bbq sauce helped balance it out.

Doner Kebab Stack

Buttermilk Stack • Lamb Doner Meat • Hummus • House Slaw • Pickled Onion • Feta • Minted Yoghurt • Spicy Relish • Mint

This was everything and more. I never imagined what a Doner Kebab pancake would look or taste like, but this was sublime! If you want to try something odd/new, I would recommend!

Doner Kebab Stack

The only downer was the level of sourness/acidity in the meal because of the hummus, pickled onion & minted yoghurt.


The staff were super welcoming with smiles and recommendations. Also, because they are pancakes, food prep is quite quick.


Nothing much to say but break away from the classic pancakes combos you get and try something new!


Pancakes – Double Stack – £13.25

Espresso Martini – £7.75

Strawberry Daiquiri – £7.75






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