Camden Lock Market | London

📍 54-56 Camden Lock Pl, London NW1 8AF, United Kingdom

It’s never a complete trip to London without visiting Camden Market for me. I visited three different times & I decided to try new places this time around. No repeats.

Walking to the Camden Lock Market, you see a series of facades on either side of the pavements. I particularly loved how each one had its own character

Camden is always busy, so it’s interesting to see that even the buildings are engaging in the overall ‘vibe’ of the community, not just humans.

In between food hunts, I would sneak into the market to check out vintage clothes & jewelry!


I visited various stalls of course! I was spoilt for choice. I didn’t get to photograph everything but you’ll get a complete picture by checking my video on Instagram by clicking here.

A few highlights include;

Brisket & Bagel – New York Reuben – £10.00

(soft toasted bagel, pulled salt beef, homemade Russian dressing, sauerkraut, cheese)

Pulled Beef in anything is a yes for me, and sometimes its just the simple things. Also love when I eat unconventional meals & in this case we have bagels as buns instead of the regular burger buns.

The Mac Factory – Nostalgic – £7.50

I know I said no repeats, but I definitely couldn’t unlook The Mac Factory! Mac & Cheese is one of my favorite comfort foods & they know just how to get it right!

MeatHead – Pulled Birria Beef Tacos – £8.50

Saw a couple holding a plate of Tacos and we knew we had to secure some for ourselves too. We found out it was from Meat Head and we got ourselves some pulled beef tacos.

Wok Boy | Bang Bang Chicken – Korean Fried Chicken Chow Mein- £9.70

After eating my way through the market, I automatically thought of what I would be having later in the evening and I thought of noodles.

Wok Boy’s noodles was one of the best I had ever tasted. The noodles were packed with flavor, with tender & juicy chicken strips with great portion size! I had that meal twice.

Temple of Boba Bubble Tea – Rainbow Bubble Tea Flavor – £4.69

I was curious to know what the rainbow flavor consisted of and I was told it was a mix of all the popping boba pearls available.

Of course I went for it with a milk tea base and it was good indeed a burst of flavors! They all worked together surprisingly.

What are some of your favorite Stalls in Camden Market?





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