Ivy on the Square | Edinburgh

📍 6, St Andrew Square, EH2 2BD

Celebratory dinners are one my favorite things ever! Gives me an excuse to dress up and eat fancy food with the best company! Btw, making dinner reservations during the festive period is the absolute worst! Every where’s booked up days before the peak period even. Ivy was one of the available ones on our list and so we went!

Truffle Arancini

(fried arborio rice balls with truffle cheese)

First time trying truffles in an arancini and I was not upset. I wouldn’t say I was a fan because it was dry & I expected more cheese from the bite I had!

Salt & Pepper Squid

(wasabi & miso mayonnaise, Sriracha, coriander and lime)

Beautiful! I just loved how pretty & cozy they looked waiting to be eaten! Didn’t particularly like the wasabi & miso mayonnaise. Sriracha would’ve been great on its own or a chili dip.

Sirloin Steak 80z/227g & Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mashed Potato (side)

(21 day Himalayan Salt Wall dry-aged)

Someone wanted ‘well done’ 💀, which automatically means I cannot give you a proper description. Because really, well done? Where will the flavors go after you’ve cooked everything out? Nonetheless, the mash was great. Lump less & creamy.

Roast Chicken & Truffle & Parmesan Chips (side)

(roasted half chicken (off the bone) with wild mushroom sauce, green beans and rocket)

My favorite part of this dish was the raisins! It was a fun, sweet element on the plate. However, I wished the mushroom sauce was in a sauce pourer instead of it ‘pre-poured’.

As usual I was too full to try any desserts! I really need to start changing that!


Truffle Arancini

Salt & Pepper Squid

Sirloin Steak w Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mashed Potato

Roast Chicken w Truffle & Parmesan Chips









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