Stork | London

📍 13-14 Cork St, W1S 3NS

Stork has been on my London List for a long time. Super glad I was able to tick that off my list!

Stork is a modern Pan African restaurant that serves distinct dishes inspired from various countries around the continent. Just like my visit to Rodo in Abuja, I was excited to try yet another modern take on African cuisine, particularly Nigerian which I’m familiar with.


I was not sure how to describe the ambiance in sentences, so here I am using words that best describe my thoughts. Dark, Elegant, Contemporary, & Color.

It was such a great space to be in. I was admiring the origami birds as well as the artworks on the walls.

The music was also a great. Mostly popular Nigerian music that were topping charts (not the gra gra kind).


Jerk Chicken Wings | Pimento Emulsion

(chicken wings marinated with our signature jerk recipe)

As I always say, you cannot go wrong with wings! My favorite thing about the wings was its juiciness! It was literally pumped up with jerk flavors! (forgot to photograph this)

Grain Of Paradise Lobster Bisque | Brown Crab & Octopus Sea Vegetables

(an artistic seafood bisque, that pays homage to traditional West African pepper soups)

The mix of both the bisque & the vegetables and crab patty were divine. The lobster bisque saturated into the patty made a mini explosion of flavors (mainly the lobster) in my mouth! Texture was just like that of mash potatoes.

Grain Of Paradise Lobster Bisque

Jollof Rice

Spicy, rich in tomato sauce and al dente! Couldn’t have asked for a better bowl of J rice! & yes, the smokey taste was there! Hit the right spot when paired with the suya!

jollof rice
Yam Coin | Sweet Potato Ketchup | Coconut & Cassava Dust

(soft yam and sweet potato center with a crunchy outer layer)

This is definitely a must try! Just as described, the outside was deliciously crunchy while the inside was gooey. I tasted more sweet potato than yam though.

Suya Of Beef Ribeye

(full flavored prime beef strips marinated with our signature suya spice.)

In respect to the presentation of this dish, I expected it to be elevated somehow. Suya is quite a popular street food, so I expected this plate to have more drama than sauce & tomatoes.


But let that not distract you from how great it tasted. It had the kuli kuli and yaji taste and each piece was super tender. I usually shy away from beef suya cause I really really don’t like the struggle life. But this was easy to rip apart & chew too.


The absolute best Host! I forgot to ask his name, but he made me feel super comfortable the whole time. Great place.


Jerk Chicken Wings

Grain Of Paradise Lobster Bisque

Suya Of Beef Ribeye

Yam Coin

Jollof Rice







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