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📍 Art Tech District, 7 Hombori St, Wuse II

This is an interesting entry because there’s been a lot of controversy surrounding Canes & Lemons Restaurant.

I remember seeing posts about it while I was away and knew I had to visit for two things: aesthetics & the ribs dish! As always I was worried it’ll be a ‘vibes over food quality’ situation.

Fast forward to finally setting a date to go, and just a day before, I had heard the first negative review. Knowing I was still going to go find out for myself, I still kept what I heard in mind.


Arrived at the Art Tech District and made our way to the restaurant which is at the end just beside Amazonia. I loved the walkway made of bamboo structure & surrounding plants, which created a dramatic entrance into the main space.

You’re first welcomed into the indoor space, which was warm with grey walls & yellow lanterns embedded in the wall. The same space leads you to the outdoor space through some doors.

I was quite impressed with the outdoor space. The artwork, furniture, and fittings, all worked well together. Also loved the little details like adding lemons & vines into the structure.

As someone that loves being incognito when I go out, I liked that the plants created some form of privacy between the different spaces.


Hummus & Agege Stick Bread – N4,000

I remember thinking it would be nice to try something new other than the usual pita bread when I first saw the menu at home.

I genuinely don’t know why I did not realize I was served pita bread instead of agege bread till I got home & started writing this. I got carried away and thought that it was the traditional hummus & pita I ordered. I wish I had realized then and asked questions cause why though?

I was not completely mad at the pita bread because it was soft & melts in the mouth. That with a dip of the hummus was quite nice!

However, the hummus was too smooth for me as it had the same texture as mayonnaise, which is not what I’m used to. So, more grains in the hummus and the actual bread that’s stated could maybe make this a hit.

Brisket Beef Tacos – N6,000

I was confused once this was presented because it looked nothing like a taco. They were huddled up into the shapes you see below.

I thought they could have served it either in the taco trays, or flat out on the plates & we fold them up ourselves. Don’t take away the fun.

But, don’t let that deter you from how good it tasted though! You could tell that the beef had been cooked In it’s broth for a while because the seasoning had depth to it. The garnish/veggies were not overpowering but provided the texture that was needed.

If a taco doesn’t ooze out juice, ionwannit! This had the broth & sauce dripping with each bite. I could also taste some tabasco sauce which added a little heat.

Slow Cooked Short Ribs w Chimichurri Mash – N18,500

As seen on Instagram, this is clearly a popular dish on the menu, and safe to say it lived up to the hype! Ribs were ribbing, mash was mashing flavor was flavoring, sauce wasn’t really saucing though.

The ribs were really tender and easy to pull apart, right ratio of fat & meat on a bone. It sat on a bed of chimichurri mash potatoes and some flavorful gravy/sauce that I really wanted more of. A sauce pourer with more of the sauce would have topped it off.

I know chimichurri to typically be served as a condiment on the protein served, but it was interesting to see it being incorporated into the mash. The texture & taste were all good. The color also elevated the dish. Would definitely recommend.


Generally, service was quite alright. Visited between 6 & 8pm with about 4 other tables occupied. Drinks and food came out in a timely fashion, but waiters were difficult to get a hold of when we needed them.

Genuinely dislike when restaurants bring worn out menus or QR Codes for use. Sometimes you just don’t even want to touch them. Was quite disappointed with that. Better options are to paste the codes on tables or use the plastic displays for tables.

The reviews I had gotten where centered on the service. Long wait times for food, and lack of quick/positive responses from the team. I got nothing regarding the food.


One thing I have learnt about restaurant hopping is not to quickly jump into conclusions. Despite things I hear about an establishment, I still go try it for myself. Las Las na me carry myself there.

It’s just sad that the food review scene has become so saturated with mixed reviews that people don’t know what / who to believe.

I genuinely blame the restaurants & their inconsistencies because why should I go somewhere a few days apart from someone else and we have two totally different experiences?

I honestly had a great time at Canes & Lemons and I was sure I’d be returning with hopes of them maintaining what I had experienced on this first visit. Better even.


Hummus & Agege Sticks Bread – N4,000

Brisket Beef Tacos – N6,000

Slow Cooked Short Ribs w Chimichurri Mash – N18,500

Strawberry Daiquiri – N6,500







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