Brunch Club | Abuja

📍 45, Gana St, Maitama

So I celebrated my birthday (23.3) a day before (22.3) because Ramadan was expected to begin on the 23rd. And if you know me, you know Brunch is a MUST on my birthday.

Brunch Club’s Instagram feed had been entering my eye a lot lately so I decided I wanted to try it again. This was my second time visiting, so you can read about that first by clicking here!


Nothing much had changed with the space. The only notable difference was the outdoor space which had a few more elements added to it like plants, new seating etc.


The menu had expanded from last time with a few changes as well! Going in, I decided to keep an open mind on what to have, although I knew I wanted both sweet & savoury.

Mint Lemonade – N3,500

Drinks first! Lemonades are usually the safest item to order. This was quite refreshing!

Southern Texas Chicken ‘N’ Waffles – N6,500

(waffles, honey, butter, breaded chicken fillet, maple gravy, micro greens)

First off, I liked that it was a breaded fillet as opposed to bone-in chicken. This made it easier to eat. The chicken wasn’t over cooked. It was tender & had the right seasoning.

If you look closer, you would notice that cornflakes was used as a coating instead of regular bread crumbs. Loved it.

Waffles could have been softer. I had to run my knife through quite a few times to segment a piece.

The fruits were are also a good addition, although there were no micro greens on my plate.

Mac ‘N’ Cheese Cajun Style – N6,000

(elbow pasta, cheddar & mozzarella cheese, cajun seasoning, parmesan, herbs)

There’s no way I’ll see mac & cheese on a menu & not try it! Not the best I’ve had, but I would say it was pretty decent.

It needed a pinch more of salt and some more mozzarella cheese to make it slightly more ‘gooey’. The cheddar made it quite thick & dry. Chicken was moist & full of flavor! That, I liked.

Spicy Chicken Wings

Couldn’t find this on the menu for the price, but it was your regular Nigerian spicy chicken wings, nothing really screamed, ‘I’m different’.


Overall, service was alright, they were cute with their ‘happy birthdays’ and making me feel special.

Our waitress was also nice & knew her onions. Food & Drinks came out in a timely fashion, didn’t have to wait long.


Go during the week, it way quieter + it’s seems like a great space to work at.

Have you been to The Brunch Club? Lmk your thoughts!


Southern Texas Chicken ‘N’ Waffles – N6,500

Mac ‘N’ Cheese Cajun Style – N6,000

Spicy Chicken Wings

Mint Lemonade – N3,500






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