Coffee Bar | Abuja

📍 4, Kohorgo Close, off Monrovia Street, Wuse II

I usually start my day with a cup (or two) of coffee, but today, I’m starting with a virtual dose of my visit to Coffee Bar the other day!

I was looking for somewhere new to work from for the day that had good coffee, would be quiet and had a decent savoury meal. I checked my list and decided to give Coffee Bar a try.


I’m a sucker for white interiors paired with rustic decor, so instantly I fell in love with the space.

Another thing that made me happy was how quiet it was! It was the escape I needed cause Abuja had been giving a lot of gra gra lately! Mad people everywhere!

Outside was too hot to sit. I needed the AC, so I sat indoors. I liked how it made me feel calm & ready to beat procrastination’s ass! Same clean & simple interior with a cozy feel.


Frappuccino – N3,500

Again, it was HOT. So I needed something cold to calm my navs! I was expecting a rich iced coffee & milk sensation in my mouth but was slightly underwhelmed. It tasted flat like skimmed milk was used instead of full cream.

Smoked Chicken Open Sandwich – N4,500

I NEEDED to know what the hype was about! I know the menu is limited to about 5/6 options, but everyone seems to go for the Smoked Chicken. Again, underwhelming.

I expected moist chicken with a sweet element like raisins or cranberries in the mix to compliment the savoury. However, the chicken was flavorful, but dry. There was a lot of chewing.

Thick slices of dry smoked chicken on a bed of what tasted like salsa. I wish the menu had a list of ingredients /description under it because I was guessing as I was eating. I think there might be some bacon in there too.

Also would have loved some dressing or sauce drizzled on it for some extra flavor! The bread was great on the other hand. Hoping they make them in house cause I’d definitely be back for that!


I was the only guest at the time, so food came out almost instantly. Also appreciated that the barristers were accessible and I didn’t need to search for them when I needed something!


Definitely the perfect space for work or a quick coffee break with a friend. There’s another outdoor spot, but it was occupied at the time I went so I couldn’t take photos.

There’s also a display box with croissants & muffins which I’m hoping to try next time I visit.

The cafe needs to update their online menu because I was billed different from what was written on the menu!


Frappuccino – N3,500

Smoked Chicken – N4,500






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