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  • Plates & Palettes | May 27

    Plates & Palettes | May 27

    🎤🎨 Paint & Karaoke @ Truck Central! 🎨🎤 You can catch as us at Truck Central on the 27th of May for an exciting evening of Food, Drinks, Art & most likely a loss of voice or two!

  • Coffee Bar | Abuja

    Coffee Bar | Abuja

    📍 4, Kohorgo Close, off Monrovia Street, Wuse II I usually start my day with a cup (or two) of coffee, but today, I’m starting with a virtual dose of my visit to Coffee Bar the other day!

  • Photo Dump Series II | Abuja

    Photo Dump Series II | Abuja

    #SXEPhotoDumpSeries A few photos of some of my favorite eats that never made it to the feed. I’ve noticed a lot of hoarding lately (cause life be life-ing) and I thought to compile them into ….

  • Canes & Lemons | Abuja

    Canes & Lemons | Abuja

    📍 Art Tech District, 7 Hombori St, Wuse II This is an interesting entry because there’s been a lot of controversy surrounding Canes & Lemons Restaurant. I remember seeing posts about it while I was away and knew I had to visit for two things: aesthetics & the ribs dish! ….

  • Bleu Café | Abuja

    Bleu Café | Abuja

    📍 16, Bangui St, Wuse II After 2 years of being on my ‘must visit’ list, I finally got to visit Bleu Café. Why was it on the list you ask? Well, because of the Shepherds Pie! But what finally got me through those doors was …..

  • Ródo | Abuja

    Ródo | Abuja

    📍19, Kolda Link/Street, Off Ademola Adetokunbo Cresc, Wuse II. First off, it’s been a while I was THIS excited to visit a new restaurant! Hadiza (@hadiza.eats) gracefully asked if I wanted to go try out Ródo together, and ….

  • Brunch & Afternoon Tea at Cafe Flour | Abuja

    Brunch & Afternoon Tea at Cafe Flour | Abuja

    Mid-week brunch dates >>>>>> with Cafe Flour. Agenda for brunch was to eat a variety of sweet & savory food cause my cravings were all over the place….

  • Views from City View | Abuja

    Views from City View | Abuja

    City View is where I go to for comfort food in the city. For the first time, I could actually see the view of the city from where we sat. It was indeed a view ….

  • Late Lunch at Tulip Bistro | Abuja

    Late Lunch at Tulip Bistro | Abuja

    Late lunch with one of my faves, Mida, and we chose to go to Tulip Bistro. The rooftop is what does it for me and Abuja’s weather was the best that evening and so we weeeentt! ….

  • Paparimz Pizza | Abuja

    Paparimz Pizza | Abuja

    📍Food City, 3 Bangui St, Wuse II The other day at Paparimz Pizza. Pizza is one of my favorite comfort foods and I got to see how Paparimz makes theirs from scratch ……