Gidi Grill | Dundee

📍Unit 1B, City Quay, Dundee, DD1 3JA

Took a day trip to Dundee last weekend and visiting Gidi Grill was a must! Abigail had told me about it and I was super gassed to visit cause I’d never visited a West African themed restaurant in Scotland yet. Sooo we wenttttttt.

Just as the menu reads, the Gidi Grill is a West African and Caribbean inspired restaurant that fuses various sauces from around the world. While reading this, my mouth was watering.

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Big Feed: Street Food Social Event | Glasgow Diaries

One of the highlights of my weekend in Glasgow was visiting the Big Feed Street Food Social event.

After the one I had in London back in January, I was worried I’d not be able to attend another one for a very long time due to the pandemic. That changed when I was looking up ‘things to do in Glasgow’ and the Big Feed website popped up …

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Breakfast in Bread | #SalmahXORemakes

One of my favorite things to do is watch food related shows or videos. I’m always eager to learn and experiment, so I usually make mental or physical notes about what I want to try and recreate. Which I do, but rarely share on here.

So, (mainly cause I’m bored) I’ve decided to challenge myself to recreate …

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