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  • Tasting: Amazonia Forager Experience | Abuja

    Tasting: Amazonia Forager Experience | Abuja

    📍7, Hombori Street, Wuse II So a few weeks back, I was at Amazonia for ‘The Foragers Dinging Experience’. Experiential dining is my favorite way to enjoy food. Like yes! Entertain and feed me at the same time please!

  • Tasting: Pink Bear | Abuja

    Tasting: Pink Bear | Abuja

    📍141, Ademola Adetokunbo Cresc, Wuse II (it’s inside the incomplete plaza opposite ‘HYLOOK’ or two plazas after 4guys’ ) The other day at the newly opened cafe, @pinkbear. Because it was a tasting, I got to try a variety of menu items that were quite exciting.

  • Kappadocia: A Night in the Cave | Abuja

    Kappadocia: A Night in the Cave | Abuja

    📍 2, Kinda St, Wuse II So monthsssss after its opening, I finally had a reason to visit Kappadocia. It was a night of celebration and I thought why not go somewhere different for a change ….

  • TarTar | Abuja

    TarTar | Abuja

    📍 5, Sorotona Close, Wuse II Fridays are for lunch with my girls and TarTar was the pick this time around. It was a wet afternoon as Abuja ….

  • Café Dimanche | Abuja

    Café Dimanche | Abuja

    📍Food City, Bangui St, Wuse II The first time I visited Cafè Dimanche was about a week after it opened back in July. I was hesitant about going the first few weeks it opened, as I usually prefer to ….

  • Alamala | Abuja

    Alamala | Abuja

    📍 40, Durban Street, Wuse II After weeks of things getting in the way, I finally got to visit Alamala some time ago. It was a quick but memorable visit.

  • VII Bistro | Abuja

    VII Bistro | Abuja

    📍7 Kampala St, Wuse II The other day at Seven Bistro! I had heard positive things about the restaurant, so I took the opportunity to visit during the MasterCard Burger Week a while back…..

  • Village Chief | Abuja

    Village Chief | Abuja

    📍 Matambella Garden, Wuse II Turkey hasn’t really been my go to when it comes to meals with protein options, but after having this plate from Village Chief, I just might reconsider moving it up the ladder …..

  • Taj Bistro | Abuja

    Taj Bistro | Abuja

    📍1, Atabara St, off Kampala St, Wuse II, Abuja. Spent last week Sunday at Taj Bistro and it was definitely one for the books. I was a bit skeptical at first cause I had heard more negative than positive reviews, but decided to take a risk regardless cause why not? AMBIENCE: The entrance to the…

  • Curry Leaves | Abuja

    Curry Leaves | Abuja

    📍1, Kindia Close, Off Bangui Street, Wuse II After a long day of running errands, all I wanted was girl time and good food. My friend suggested we go to Curry Leaves and I’m super glad we did. Why? Keep reading 🤩✨ …