Plates & Palettes

Plates and Palettes is a unique dining experience that seeks to integrate the culinary and crafts world. Experience a tasting menu showcasing the various flavours of distinct delicacies made by Nigerian culinary professionals and enthusiasts, while appreciating the culture of the nation through arts and crafts such as painting and pottery.

Plates & Palettes is an initiative aimed at creating awareness of the potential that Nigeria has in terms of Art, Culture and Food. Furthermore, this initiative aims to collaborate with various businesses owned by Nigerian youth to support their growth, which in turn contributes to Nigeria’s growth.

Moreover, Plates & Palettes seeks to encourage individuals to meet new people, have open-minded conversations, share ideas, or even merge ideas on how we can make a difference in our country. But most importantly, to have a good time.

For information on how to book our next event, kindly click here

Plates and Palettes Feb ’21 – Event 1 – Strobrie Cafe

Plates and Palettes Mar ’21 – Event 2 – WFL

Plates and Palettes May ’21 – Event 3 – Pasta Box



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