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  • Bleu Café | Abuja

    Bleu Café | Abuja

    📍 16, Bangui St, Wuse II After 2 years of being on my ‘must visit’ list, I finally got to visit Bleu Café. Why was it on the list you ask? Well, because of the Shepherds Pie! But what finally got me through those doors was …..

  • Brunch & Afternoon Tea at Cafe Flour | Abuja

    Brunch & Afternoon Tea at Cafe Flour | Abuja

    Mid-week brunch dates >>>>>> with Cafe Flour. Agenda for brunch was to eat a variety of sweet & savory food cause my cravings were all over the place….

  • Wells Cafe x Bakehouse | Abuja

    Wells Cafe x Bakehouse | Abuja

    📍 2, Gado Nasko St, Asokoro. 
Having online classes at home is still the one thing I despise most about this pandemic (aside constantly wearing masks and hearing news of daily deaths globally). 
However, one thing I’m glad about…..

  • Brunch at Strobrie | Abuja

    Brunch at Strobrie | Abuja

    Quick stop at strobrie the other day for some feel good food after a long week. Ever since I knew about the savoury menu, I had been patiently waiting to be back and try some for myself…..

  • Café Society | Aberdeen

    Café Society | Aberdeen

    📍 466, Union St, Aberdeen AB10 1TS My tastebuds went on an exciting adventure yesterday at Café Society. It was a really nice day, sunny and actually warm(er). Couldn’t waste such a day, so we decided to go soak up some Vitamin D and enjoy good food at the same time.

  • Sarabeth’s | Dubai

    Sarabeth’s | Dubai

    📍CITY WALK, Al Safa St, Dubai. Had the best time catching up with the beautiful Fatima over breakfast at Sarabeth’s. I remember coming across the IG page before I got here and I instantly regarded it as top priority. My dining experience here was exactly what I imagined and more …

  • London Dairy Cafè | Dubai

    London Dairy Cafè | Dubai

    📍Aspin Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. If you know Yusrah well enough, you’d know that London Dairy Cafe is one of her all time favourites. So you can imagine how excited I was to go visit ….

  • Milk Shop | Abuja

    Milk Shop | Abuja

    This is an interesting one because we were at a dessert shop! I’m not exactly the biggest fan of desserts, I’d rather have my pasta/rice dishes or burgers. But when Aisha, the owner of Milk Shop invited me over, I couldn’t resist because the treats on the instagram page were absolutely mouthwatering…

  • Pastry Basket | Abuja

    Pastry Basket | Abuja

    📍Tatti Plaza, 2nd Avenue, A-Close, Kado (By Kado Round-about) Abuja I’m back to hopping round the city, and this time I landed at Pastry Basket. Went with my girls Hafsah & Nabila (cause she’s now my handbag, I barely try anywhere without her)….

  • Babaji Pide | London

    Babaji Pide | London

    📍53 Shaftesbury Ave, Soho, London, W1D 6LB After a day of going round London City doing the most, my friends and I decided to have lunch at Babaji Pide Solanu. I had the best time there cause both food x company were great…