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  • Brunch Club | Abuja

    Brunch Club | Abuja

    📍 45, Gana St, Maitama So I celebrated my birthday (23.3) a day before (22.3) because Ramadan was expected to begin on the 23rd. And if you know me, you know Brunch is a MUST on

  • Photo Dump Series II | Abuja

    Photo Dump Series II | Abuja

    #SXEPhotoDumpSeries A few photos of some of my favorite eats that never made it to the feed. I’ve noticed a lot of hoarding lately (cause life be life-ing) and I thought to compile them into ….

  • Brunch & Afternoon Tea at Cafe Flour | Abuja

    Brunch & Afternoon Tea at Cafe Flour | Abuja

    Mid-week brunch dates >>>>>> with Cafe Flour. Agenda for brunch was to eat a variety of sweet & savory food cause my cravings were all over the place….

  • Boozy Breakfast 3.0 | Abuja

    Boozy Breakfast 3.0 | Abuja

    Yes. Another @BoozyBreakfast post, at this point I think some of us need loyalty cards 😅.

  • Mambaah Cafe | Abuja

    Mambaah Cafe | Abuja

    📍Maitama Amusement Park (front entrance), Ibrahim Babangida Blvd, Maitama. 
The other day at Mambaah Cafè. It felt super good to be back exploring the city and eating my way through life like I used to again…..

  • Boozy Breakfast 2.0 | Abuja

    Boozy Breakfast 2.0 | Abuja

    📍54, Aguiyi Ironsi St. Beside National Boundary Commision. Maitama. 
A few sundays back at Boozy Breakfast. Easily one of my favourite places to go if I want a vibe-full start to my day…….

  • The Council | Abuja

    The Council | Abuja

    📍 British Council, Plot 3645, Ibrahim Babangida Way, Maitama. 
Back from my mini hiatus. Uni had taken over as well as Plates & Palettes 2nd event last weekend……

  • Newtons Restaurant and Bar | Abuja

    Newtons Restaurant and Bar | Abuja

    📍27a, Pope John Paul St, off Gana St, Maitama. 
This is quite an entry for the #AbujaSeries. Making plans for Friday evening and Maryam suggested we go somewhere ‘picturesque’, and Newtons Restaurant & Bar came up…..

  • Cafè Flour | Abuja

    Cafè Flour | Abuja

    📍Cappador Mall, Opp. Yoruba Mosque, Maitama. 
Saturday Brunch the other day, and where better to go than Cafe Flour?…..

  • Charme | Abuja

    Charme | Abuja

    📍 41, Gana St, Maitama. Uni resumed a few weeks back and I already miss having free time to do things I want to do. Like going back to this restaurant just so I can have their dumplings again. Enjoy reading. Xx …