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  • Brunch Club | Abuja

    Brunch Club | Abuja

    📍 45, Gana St, Maitama So I celebrated my birthday (23.3) a day before (22.3) because Ramadan was expected to begin on the 23rd. And if you know me, you know Brunch is a MUST on

  • Bleu Café | Abuja

    Bleu Café | Abuja

    📍 16, Bangui St, Wuse II After 2 years of being on my ‘must visit’ list, I finally got to visit Bleu Café. Why was it on the list you ask? Well, because of the Shepherds Pie! But what finally got me through those doors was …..

  • Brunch & Afternoon Tea at Cafe Flour | Abuja

    Brunch & Afternoon Tea at Cafe Flour | Abuja

    Mid-week brunch dates >>>>>> with Cafe Flour. Agenda for brunch was to eat a variety of sweet & savory food cause my cravings were all over the place….

  • Cafeteria | Lagos

    Cafeteria | Lagos

    📍16, Akin Adesola St, Victoria Island I’ve been wanting a #LagosSeries for the longest time! Super glad I finally got to and my first feature is CafeteriaNG!

  • Tasting: Brunch Club | Abuja Series

    Tasting: Brunch Club | Abuja Series

    📍45, Gana St, Maitama (just behind KARE) A few weeks back, I got an invitation to a ‘tasting’ at The Brunch Club. Been a while I attended one so I was quite excited to try new dishes and meet up with other food bloggers to talk…..

  • Tasting: Pink Bear | Abuja

    Tasting: Pink Bear | Abuja

    📍141, Ademola Adetokunbo Cresc, Wuse II (it’s inside the incomplete plaza opposite ‘HYLOOK’ or two plazas after 4guys’ ) The other day at the newly opened cafe, @pinkbear. Because it was a tasting, I got to try a variety of menu items that were quite exciting.

  • Boozy Breakfast 3.0 | Abuja

    Boozy Breakfast 3.0 | Abuja

    Yes. Another @BoozyBreakfast post, at this point I think some of us need loyalty cards 😅.

  • Sunday Brunch at Pavilion | Abuja

    Sunday Brunch at Pavilion | Abuja

    📍12, Ukpabi Asika St, Asokoro Trying to make brunch on the weekends a regular thing for me these days where I meet with friends and catch up on everything. The other day, two of my faves and myself decided …..

  • Boozy Breakfast 2.0 | Abuja

    Boozy Breakfast 2.0 | Abuja

    📍54, Aguiyi Ironsi St. Beside National Boundary Commision. Maitama. 
A few sundays back at Boozy Breakfast. Easily one of my favourite places to go if I want a vibe-full start to my day…….

  • Cafè Flour | Abuja

    Cafè Flour | Abuja

    📍Cappador Mall, Opp. Yoruba Mosque, Maitama. 
Saturday Brunch the other day, and where better to go than Cafe Flour?…..