Plates & Palettes | Mar ‘21

So we had our second Plates & Palettes event about a week ago in collaboration with WFL.NG.To be honest, it felt like setting up this second event was harder that the first. I guess it was the self pressure of wanting it to be as good as the first!


Well anxiety can suck it cause it turned out great. Definitely there were a few hiccups here and there, but we overcame them all! I was glad to meet a new set of Picassos who came to show us their hidden and not so hidden talents.


This time around I tasked them with painting pieces that reflected their states of origin. It could be a memory of your childhood home or maybe even a popular monument in the state. I also encouraged abstract pieces so long as there was a story behind it.

Mine for example was an abstract piece about how I feel separated from my culture and hometown (Niger State). The plate has two different colors, one half represents my culture and the other myself. So it shows how I would like to merge the two sides so I know more about where I come from.


I loved that we had a range of pieces from painting historical politics figures, or landscaping or even items such as an incense burner.

I really enjoyed listening to everyones stories and I hoped they each learnt from each other about the importance of culture and knowing where you come from. I also appreciated that there were people from different states so we learnt about each others state in one way or the other.

Highlight of the event was definitely the food we had from WFL! We had The ChickCone, The Chick Dog and Waffles. It was good seeing everyone enjoy their meal while making friends and being artsy!

Eiman and her team did so great! I was really happy everything went well and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Already can’t wait to have our next one, however we’d have to take a mini hiatus due to Ramadan, but we’ll definitely be back with a bang!

Stay safe & Stay blessed Xxx

Love. SalmahXO






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