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  • Stork | London

    Stork | London

    📍 13-14 Cork St, W1S 3NS Stork has been on my London List for a long time. Super glad I was able to tick that off my list! Stork is a modern Pan African restaurant that serves….

  • Late Lunch at Tulip Bistro | Abuja

    Late Lunch at Tulip Bistro | Abuja

    Late lunch with one of my faves, Mida, and we chose to go to Tulip Bistro. The rooftop is what does it for me and Abuja’s weather was the best that evening and so we weeeentt! ….

  • Brunch at Mai Shayi

    Brunch at Mai Shayi

    Waffles, Pasta & Coffee! Brunch at Mai Shayi a while back! It had been a while I had waffles and the thought …..

  • Tulip Bistro 2.0 | Abuja

    Tulip Bistro 2.0 | Abuja

    📍141, Adetokunbo Ademola Cres, Wuse II Long time no new post. 2022 started off busy and it’s been going uphill since then. But thanks to my support system, we’ve been pushing! 💆🏾‍♀️

  • Tasting: Amazonia Forager Experience | Abuja

    Tasting: Amazonia Forager Experience | Abuja

    📍7, Hombori Street, Wuse II So a few weeks back, I was at Amazonia for ‘The Foragers Dinging Experience’. Experiential dining is my favorite way to enjoy food. Like yes! Entertain and feed me at the same time please!

  • Kappadocia: A Night in the Cave | Abuja

    Kappadocia: A Night in the Cave | Abuja

    📍 2, Kinda St, Wuse II So monthsssss after its opening, I finally had a reason to visit Kappadocia. It was a night of celebration and I thought why not go somewhere different for a change ….

  • The Council | Abuja

    The Council | Abuja

    📍 British Council, Plot 3645, Ibrahim Babangida Way, Maitama. 
Back from my mini hiatus. Uni had taken over as well as Plates & Palettes 2nd event last weekend……

  • 4GUYS | Abuja

    4GUYS | Abuja

    📍The Ultimate Mall, 913, Adetokunbo Ademola Cresc, Wuse II I remember being back in the UK scrolling through my feed and almost everyday I see a post related to 4GUYS. I knew instantly that this was somewhere I had to visit and I’m glad I finally had the chance to ….

  • Jakes Club | Abuja

    Jakes Club | Abuja

    📍 1161, Memorial Drive, By Musa Yar’adua Center, Wuse, Abuja. Spent the evening at Jake’s with some of my faves! Wanted to spend quality time with them so I turned off my ‘review mode’. So incase you thought you’d come find menus, prices and ambience photos, I’m really sorry to disappoint. I just have food…

  • The Pavilion 2.0 | Abuja

    The Pavilion 2.0 | Abuja

    📍12, Ukpabi Asika St, Asokoro Second time at Pavilion and it was amazing! A group of friends and I decided to restaurant hop for the day and Pavilion was our first stop. There have been a lot of changes both with the menu and the ambience. I believe …