Hippopotamus | Paris

📍12-14 Rue de Rome, 75008, Paris

After a long day of touring the city, it was dinner time and my friends and I were thinking of where to eat. Hippopotamus came up on the search and we were all confused, like do they actually serve hippos there? But then we eventually looked through the menu and saw for ourselves.

Really loved the interior, especially the lighting. Everywhere was glazed so you could see the busy streets of the city around you. + they have a foosball table as an actual dining table! How cool. Food was good too, really enjoyed the snacking basket.

Snack Basket

(Onion rings, beignets de calamars, chicken wings, chili cheese nuggets, croquettes de fromage, croquettes fromage-poivron, sauce Hippo, sauce BBQ)


Cheese-Pepper Croquette, from the ‘Snacking Basket’


Steak x Baked Potato


Grilled Chicken x Mashed Potatoes x Grilled Vegetables