Suya & Co | Abuja

📍Ground Floor, Dunes Centre, 44, Aguiyi Ironsi St, Maitama, Abuja. (old WaffleStop spot)

Where are the suya lovers? Suya & Co has been on my to-go list for months, and I was excited to have finally visited!


Generally, I thought the restaurant to be visually pleasing! Simple furniture and light fittings with excellent material finish, I mean look at the details.

I loved the concept of the colourful wall, cause I felt it brightened up the space, also because they’re just painted pieces of mdf wood mounted together. The plants surrounding the main facade gives the restaurant a sense of privacy too.

Just going to add this cause I want to know if it’s just me, but does the cutout of the shawarma meat at the entrance not make you cringe? I was stressed by them the whole time.




Service was quite alright. I like that the waiter repeated our order without me having to ask first, which says alot. I also thought it creative that the table mats have the ‘History of Nigeria’ printed on them, so you get to learn/brush up on your history while you wait.


It was LIT! Every plate on that table (with some exceptions) was a hit back to back! Gbas gbos gbas gbos!

Fish Suya – N1400

Chicken Cubes – N3800

Half Dunes Marinated Chicken – N2900

Garlic Bread – N1500

Hummus – N1500

Jollof Rice – N1200


Zobo x2 – N1000


Number of People: 3

Total Bill: N15,000 apx.


Seeing as the place is literally called ‘Suya’, I believe it would have been a great idea to have some sort of grill station where diners can observe as the chef does his grilling. So as to have that traditional feel of ‘mai suya’. Suya & Co would be nice for little hangouts with friends and perhaps family gatherings too. Shisha is also available here.


Fish Suya- N1400

Not the biggest fan of fish, so I think I’d just let this one slide. But the coating of spices it had was nice.

Garlic Bread – N1500

Tbh, this was basically a mini pizza.

Tasted good though! Loved the tomato base.

Hummus – N1500

Everything was wrong with this. Personally, I like hummus a bit grainy but this was way too smooth and it tasted like there was no seasoning in it.


Chicken Cubes w Fries – N3800

This was great! Loved the spices and the fact that the chicken was cooked perfectly. Nice presentation too. Fries were not the best, tasted bland.


Zobo – N1000

Wasn’t particularly excited about this, I mean had I known, I’d have brought sugar with me + I think it’s overpriced.


Half Dunes Marinated Chicken – N2900

Beautiful! I thought it was nice that they cut it into smaller pieces as opposed to literally halving it. It tasted good too, spices and all, wish it was hotter though.


Jollof Rice – N1200

FIRE! I need to get this recipe. It was soo full of flavour and I highly recommend!