Malmaison | Aberdeen

📍 49-53 Queen’s Rd, Aberdeen, AB15 4YP

120 days later and I get to dine in a restaurant again. 😭

Malmaison was the restaurant I intended to have my birthday dinner back in March. However, the lock down was imposed ON the 23rd so that was obviously cancelled.

Instead, I just ordered different things from my favorite places and had a feast with 3 other friends. Turned out to be one of my favorite birthdays surprisingly. 🥳

Fast forward 4 months, and Scotland announced restaurants x pubs were opening up again on the 15th of July. Best believe I made a booking almost immediately. And so we wenttttttt!


Just like most buildings in the city, the exterior is cladded with stone. However, what stood out was the canopy just at the hotel’s entrance which reminded me of the Art Nouveau inspired metro stations in Paris. Loved it.


Inside was definitely a different vibe. Quite formal, with a play between traditional and modern. I’m a creature of the dark, so I loved how dimly lit the bar area was while walking through it. The restaurant space was also slightly dark, but the windows, brought in some light.


I expected nothing less from Malmaison. I’ve heard really good things and they definitely came through.


Chez Mal Chicken Wings – £8

Panang curry – £16

Chez Mal burger – £17

Neapolitan Profiteroles – £6.50

Brewdog IPA – 4.70

Schweppes Lemonade – £2


Chez Mal Chicken Wings – £8

(buttermilk fried sesame & chilli, sriracha mayonnaise)

I just want to re-eat this forever. The fried coating was so crispy and the sriracha mayonnaise just tied everything in for me. I highly recommend this!

Panang curry – £16

(w grilled chicken, grilled red peppers, pak choi & jasmine coconut rice)


This dish was everything and more. Reminded me of Wagamama’s Raisukaree dish. The sauce was rich and full of flavors.


I really liked that the rice had shaved walnuts on it, as it added a different texture and taste to the entire dish.


Chez Mal burger – £17

(Ayrshire bacon, Gruyère cheese, burger relish, brioche bun & fries)


JUICY! I was so jealous that I wasn’t the one who had it. The relish was simply divine and paired well with the burger apparently. The fries were also great, skinny and light, never had fries like that before.

Neapolitan Profiteroles – £6.5

(vanilla, strawberry & chocolate ice cream, hot Valrhona chocolate sauce)

I was so curious to try this out, cause I’ve not had and ice cream sandwich before. It was quite good actually, however the pastry could’ve been crispier.


MENU (Covid-19):

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