Pastry Basket | Abuja

📍Tatti Plaza, 2nd Avenue, A-Close, Kado (By Kado Round-about) Abuja

I’m back to hopping round the city, and this time I landed at Pastry Basket. Went with my girls Hafsah & Nabila (cause she’s now my handbag, I barely try anywhere without her).



First and foremost, this place and Tea Room have successfully mastered the art of visual manipulation with their photographs.

Just like with Tea Room’s old space, I thought it’d be this big and beautiful modern bourgeois themed space with nice natural lighting too, but oh, was it not. Rather, it’s a small space that holds 8 diners at a time.

But size aside, I absolutely love the restaurant, I mean look at the images! From my previous reviews, you can tell how keen I am towards spaces that have exposed wooden structure or use wood as a finishing. Not every time screeding and paint finish.


With it’s minimal decoration, I paid attention to a lot of decorative detail, such as the light fixtures, the ropes hanging from the ceiling, the plant holders on the table. Everything was in sync.

I also feel the space nailed it with the earthy theme, using its soft brown furniture colors, wood as a key material, marble table tops and of course the pops of green plants. This made me feel relaxed and comfortable.


Elizabeth our waitress was the best! She was welcoming and eager to be of service (which for some reason is rare in this city). She ensured we had everything we needed the whole time.

However, I didn’t like that every time a dish was ready, the chef would have to peep from the door to get the attention of Elizabeth to signal her. I’d suggest an intercom or so to alert her.

Elizabeth was kind enough to offer to photograph us btw.


They reached my level of expectation with the food and I was glad I wasn’t disappointed. I made sure to try both savoury and sweet treats.

Croissant – N400

Meatpie – N450

Cinnamon Rolls – N500

BBQ Wings (6) – N1800

Tuna Melt Panini – N1300

Fries – N700

Beef Burger – N2000


Pot of Tea (Mixed Tea) – N1000

Coke (solo) – N300

Sprite (solo) – N300


Number of People: 3

Total Bill: N9,000 apx


Pastry Basket is gonna be my go to place for pastry now! Prices are slightly higher than your regular meatpie and sausage roll joints, but the quality makes it worth it here. Also, I don’t think it’d be the best to dine in with other people, unless you don’t mind people overhearing your conversations then yeah, go for it. I guess we were cool with the smallness because we were the only ones at the time.


Meatpie – N450

Croissant – N400

Cinnamon Roll – N500

Main aim was to try a variety of their pastry. The filling of the meatpie was really nice. Croissant was soft and tasty, although I wished it had more sugar (but that’s me). Cinnamon roll was beautiful, could’ve probably eaten more if not for my stomach choosing to betray me 🙃.


An important question I had was if the baked goods were made daily, cause it’d be disappointing if it wasn’t. Answer was yes.

Pot of Tea – N1000

I’ve been having this nasty cold for a while so I wanted something hot as a beverage. The Mixed Tea was the best option, as it had a strong presence of ginger! How beautiful is the presentation btw?


BBQ Wings (6) – N1800

Nabils was kind enough to share her plate so I tried one and it was amazing. Sweet and a bit sticky.


Tuna Melt Panini – N1300

Realised I haven’t had a panini in all my Abuja hopping, so I said why not? Baguette and filling were spot on but it could’ve done without the raw onions.


Beef Burger – N2000

Fries – N700

Hafsah enjoyed her burger! Should’ve recorded her now that I think about it. Patty was spiced beautifully and juicy (AS SHOULD BE) and the bun was soft too.



Check out their menu here:






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